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My Favourite Tropic Products

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

So many products to choose from, I am going to pick four a month to explain why I (and my customers) love them so much. Starting with the Age-defying Elxir Oil, this has to be one of the most popular

This luxurious golden oil smells divine and instantly gives even the driest of skin a decent zap of hydration.

Use it for a couple of weeks, as often as required and you will be sure to see an improvement.

Some of my customers use it daily, some twice a week. I prefer to use it on alternate days with Super Greens as they both do different things (think Omega's and Greens that you eat) but are both very moisturising so I so you can really make it last a long time.

Next up we have Super Greens...

This one took a little getting used to, only because the smell is very.... erm.... green! It really is like a super healthy shot of kale and spinach going in your system, instead it is massaged into your face for a minute so it penetrates deeply into the layers of your skin.

I think this is the reason my Milia spots have cleared up completely.

I ran out of SuperGreens before my honeymoon in Cornwall. Two weeks of fresh sea air, so I thought I wouldn't need it... How wrong was I? With the sun and wind beating at my cheeks, I really needed this little shot of magic to keep the rosy cheeks a healthy delicate rosy shade and not like I had Slap-cheek!

Body Wash

OK, so I agree wholeheartedly with anyone who says £10 is a lot to pay for a body wash, it is.

BUT, as long as I make sure I use my netted spongy thing (what on earth are they called?) and don't let my husband anywhere near it (he doesn't understand the phrase "a little goes a long way!") then I get a good months worth of daily showering out of one bottle.

As for the flavours, all divine but my absolute favourite is the green one, Wild Mint, Lime and Pineapple, ooooh-yeah! A bit like that chlorine smell that lingers on your skin for hours after a swim, this is a far more pleasant lingering scent!

And Finally.... The ABC Set (Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise)

I can honestly say that prior to me starting my Tropic

journey, I was such a lazy lass with my beauty regime. A quick once-over with a toxic laden face wipe and a dollop of Nivea Creme for good measure (if I could be bothered).

Well, all change now... I spend all of 30 seconds massaging the cleanser into my damp skin, wipe it away with a roasting hot wet flannel (made of bamboo and as soft as a babies bottom - included in the set), then a few spritz of toner and leave it to settle whilst I clean my teeth... Finished off with a couple of pumps of Skin Revive. Sometimes I swap the skin revive for a massage of Elxir Oil or Super Greens as I don't really think my skin needs both.

As for morning and night every single day... behave! I definitely don't do that. My general rule of thumb is, don't go to bed with make up on and if I didn't wear make up the day before then my face gets a wake up treat in the morning.

So, that's my whistle-stop tour through my favourite products for this month... I will share with you some more favourites (I have lots) in a few weeks.

In the meantime, I would love to know what your favourite Tropic Skincare products are! Drop me a line below or join my Tropic with Liz Parkin Facebook group.


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